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Handmade Quotes Painting

Hola, everybody!

I’m just so busy last week. I really hope i can make a tutorial, but it’s just too difficult. So i just get stress because i’ve a interview for some work and i’m just mental breakdown after that interview.

so what can i do to heal this feeling?

what i did is……………painting some quotes that came out of my mind.

i’m really sorry about my situation and can’t post any tutorial. but i hope this thing can heal other people too.


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My Handmade Traveling Journal

There’s a reason why i didn’t update my blog for so long. Because, a few weeks ago i was at vacation. I was going to europe for one week. And after that day i had another Works to do. Honestly, today I want to explain you girls about how to make a binding book for your traveling journal but, i don’t have time for it. So, i wish i could post the explanation and steps and where i bought the material next week.

For today i just can sharing the result of my binding book and how i write on it. this is just the example from my last europe traveling journal. there’s still a fault on it.

I hope you girls enjoy it. have a nice day, girls.


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Workshop with Idekuhandmade

Hello, everybody! It’s been so long from my last update.

okay, so, a few days ago. yap last sunday, i was going to workshop with idekuhandmade. the workshop is about how to paint on pouch with acrylic. and i’m so excited because i’ve tried to draw and paint on the fabric base but always failed. And the most awkward thing is i’ve been interesed with every work from kakak martha puri from when i was in senior high school (imagine it’s been 7 years). I’m just to shy to talk with her even i really want to, because i don’t know what to say.

okay enough with the intermezo, back with the workshop. the workshop should be start at 11 a.m and done at 1 p.m. But, because of the participant was just us, so the workshop finished at 3 p.m. Kakak Puri explained everything with simple and easy way to understand. I learn so many from her, and the best point that i like from her is, she is so patient. Not all of the participant has a basic at painting, that’s the reason why i said she is so patient.

I hope i can participate in another workshop with her.

And there’s a few Picture from last sunday workshop.


look there’s a happy dora the Explorer with her candy hair girl pouch.