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Dino Pouch (My Handmade Projects x aiDesign)

Hello, girls! I just post something before for today. But because my pouch just came yesterday. So, i just able to post it today.

I have an idea to explain to you guys about how to draw your own pouch. but i haven’t found the good plain canvas pouch yet, so i want to find the material first. After that i’ll share it to you girls.

And this is my collaboration with my friends, his name is Agung Ibrahim (you can check his instagram: @agungibrahim) he used draw and design for himself or the others. you can check his work in his business instagram id in @aidesign.jpg .

So, last time i spoke to him that i want to make his dino work to be t-shirt. because i really like dino especially t-rex so i said it to him. and he said okay. but i didn’t make it to be t-shirt, but i made it to be pouch. because i thought i need it more than t-shirt.

So, if you girls intersting and want it. you can contact me in email: (but this Project just for Indonesian first) you can request it to be t-shirt, pouch, or mobile phone case.

This is the result of agung Works. I just change the background. I hope there would be another design and Project that i can share to you, girls.

2016-08-03 08.25.12