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Mason Jar Simple Creation [2]

Hello, girls! It’s been a week from my last first post. So, this is like part 2 of first diy before. Yes, mason jar simple creation.

I think about creat this creation before because i bought mason jar for my makeup brush. but because the color is purple, so i think it’s not really netral for my room. and it was really plain.

2016-08-03 08.27

See, girls! And the height of it is soooo hight. And my brush just like drown on it haha.

So, i’ll explain to you girls how i made it more Beauty. it’s just so simple. First what we need is

  1. Of course mason jar (For Indonesian, you can find it in Ace Hardware, if you want the new one)
  2. Gunny  rope or in Indonesia we call it Tali Goni (For Indonesian, you can find it on Toko Prapatan for more info you can check, but for except paint stuff you should come to the store. or you can find it easily in gramedia book store or intermedia)
  3. Gunny fabric or in Indonesia Kain Goni (you can find it at the same place as goni rope)
  4. Small rock (if you want to look it on street you can find it, but it’s hard to find the good one. So i bought it in the same place as i bought goni rope and fabric)
  5. Scissors

2016-08-03 08.32.01

Okay. So, the first step we need to do is. Cut the Gunny into the size you think is symetric with the jar.

2016-08-03 08.32.50

2016-08-03 08.33.28

After that, cover the gunny into the jar.

2016-08-03 08.34.07

After you cover the gunny into jar you can tie the gunny rope in the middle of gunny fabric in jar, like this.

2016-08-03 08.35.52

Because of my mason jar height makes it drown my brush. so i put some little rock on it.

2016-08-03 08.36.03

So, my brush can stand better in the jar.

2016-08-03 08.38.22

I don’t know girls, but this thing look simple and cute for me. If you have another idea you can put it on. have fun, girls! xoxo.


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Mason Jar Simple Creation [1]

Hello, everybody! This is my first post. So, if this post a little failed. I’m so so sorry.

This first post i wanna share you guys is about my idea to makes our usual mason jar looks more colorful and not plan. I have this idea before for my friend’s present.

I know many people have done this idea before, but i still wanna share my work. So, this is it.

First, this is my mason jar that i usually use to orginize my stuff like paint, washi tape, drugs, and many more. 2016-07-25 09.03.13

Look so plain right. So today i just wanna explain how i make it more colorful.

The Material and stuff that you need is:

  • Mason Jar (Of course. For Indonesian who looking for this thing you can find it in ace Hardware or you can check in ig: @dpopos)
  • Pylox (Every color that you want to use)
  • Glue Gun
  • Animal or anything toys you can use.

2016-07-25 09.08.26

The first step to do is glue the toy with glue gun in the surface of jar lid. Wait until dry.

After the toy really stick into the jar lid, you can start to coloring it with the color you want. i used color white and tosca.

2016-07-25 09.21.21

Be careful when you use pylox, and don’t forget to use mask and cover the surface behind the thing you want to coloring.

After the coloring process has done and the pylox has dried. It’s done, guys.

Your Mason Jar is more colorful now.

2016-07-25 10.35.45

I hope you guys enjoy my simple and short explanation about my creation of mason jar. And i wish i can continue post my other diy ideas. See ya!